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School is hella expensive, especially if you’re an international student. Check out scholarship postings and info on other financial aid, loans and bursary options that may be available.
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Studying in Canada as an international student can be exceptionally expensive.
Read the post below for a list of student circumstances that could potentially exempt you from paying international fees.

Remember that the deadline to request exemption status and submit all supporting documents is the last day of classes in each term.
Requests that are incomplete at the end of the term or are submitted after the term may not be processed for that term. There is no retroactivity.

All information shown here is taken from Concordia's admissions website.
Who can claim exemptions

The following international students may be exempt from international differential tuition fees:
  1. Diplomats, consular personnel, accredited representatives or civil servants of a foreign country, the United Nations or one of its organizations, an intergovernmental organization to which Canada belongs, and any member of the staff of the above-listed persons working in Canada in an official capacity and who have obtained an attestation issued by "le Protocole" (Gouvernement du Québec).
    • This attestation is valid for one academic year and must be renewed each year the student attends university;
  2. The spouse and unmarried children of the above-listed persons;
  3. International students whose spouse or parents hold work permits valid for working in Quebec with these conditions:
    1. Case Type must be one of these categories 07, 08, 20, 22, 23, 26, 52 or 53;
    2. the place of employment must be stated and must be in Quebec;
    3. the employer must be named.
    For further details and verification, please contact the Office of the Registrar, Room, LB 700,
    514-848-2424 ext. 2650 or 3271
  4. Students who are registered at a university and who have come to Quebec as an exchange student, or as a student participating in a program of cooperation agreed to by the Government of Quebec and which exempts the participants from paying differential fees;
  5. International students who are French citizens (accord France-Québec) and hold a valid French passport;
    The Quebec government has reached an agreement with the government of France regarding French citizens who study in Quebec.

    French students studying in an undergraduate program leading to an Undergraduate Certificate or Degree will be charged the same tuition as Canadian students from outside Quebec, starting in the Fall 2015 session. Our tuition fee calculator can provide you with an estimate of what to expect. Under Step 1, choose “Canadian, non-Quebec resident” for the most accurate estimate.

    French students studying in a graduate program leading to a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters or PhD will be charged the same tuition as Quebec residents.
  6. Students admitted to a Quebec university and whose country has a fee remission agreement with the Quebec Government. Please consult the following Ministry PDF document for a list of eligible countries and international organizations. Liste des pays, incluant une organisation internationale, à qui le gouvernement du Québec accorde des exemptions de droits de scolarité supplémentaires

    Inquiries and applications for an exemption should be made directly to the students' own Ministry of Education prior to leaving their home country. In some cases, when the person is in Canada, it may be possible to apply for an exemption at his or her Embassy or Consulate in Canada or in the United States. For up to date contact information from the different eligible countries, please consult the following Ministry PDF document. Liste des responsables de la gestion des exemptions des pays et de l’organisation internationale à qui le gouvernement du Québec accorde des exemptions des droits de scolarité supplémentaires

    Here is the form that students should fill out and submit to their country's representative:
    Formulaire de candidature pour l’attribution des exemptions des droits de scolarité supplémentaires
  7. Students who work for, or who are dependants of individuals employed by one of the international non-governmental organizations outlined in Annexe III of the Politique relative aux droits de scolarité exigés des étudiants étrangers par les universités du Québec
  8. Under certain conditions, students who have obtained Convention Refugee status may be eligible for an exemption from the differential fees for International students. Depending on the documentation submitted, they may be eligible to pay either the Quebec tuition rate or the Canadian non-Quebec rate. To pay the Quebec tuition rate, students must submit a CSQ and a document delivered by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or Citizenship and Immigration Canada formally recognizing their status of refugee, "protected person" or "person to be protected".
  9. Students who are authorized to submit a request for permanent residency status from within Canada and have a certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) belonging to one of the following categories:
    • Regroupement familial (family reunification)
    • Travailleur: Aide-familiale résidente (live-in caregiver)
    • Membres de la famille d’un réfugié (members of the family of a refugee)
    • Cas humanitaire (humanitarian reasons)
Documentation may be submitted to the Birks Student Service Centre at LB-185.

For further information please call 514-848-2424, ext. 5951

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