CSU Bursaries - Application Deadline

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What's this about:

Every year bursaries (worth up to $500 each) are awarded to students with demonstrable financial needs. The goal is to alleviate some of the pressures associated with the high costs of post-secondary education while recognizing the student’s achievements whether academic or extra-curricular.

Open to: CSU’s Undergraduate students

Eligibility requirements:

-The CSU Bursaries will be awarded to current Concordia Undergraduate students in good standing and with demonstrated financial need.
-The CSU Bursary applications are open to all undergraduate who have completed at least 1 (one) semester of study and/or received a minimum of 3 (three) credits at Concordia.

About the bursaries:

-There are 30 (thirty) bursaries available for distribution, based on the eligibility requirements. Each bursary is worth $500.
-Of these 30 (thirty), 9 (nine) are ‘Standing Bursary Awards’ categorized as follows:
_Arts and Science Student Bursary
_Engineering and Computer Science Student Bursary
_Fine Arts Student Bursary
_Independent Student Bursary
_John Molson School of Business Student Bursary
_Concordia Student Athlete
_Outstanding Academic Achievement
_Outstanding Contribution to an External Community
_Female Leadership at Concordia.


_At least 3 (three) bursaries will be awarded per faculty. Additionally, at east 1 (one) bursary will be awarded to students with Independent Status.
_At least 2 (two) bursaries will be awarded to students with Mature Status.
_At least 3 (three) bursaries will be awarded to students with International Status.
_At least 4 (four) bursaries will be awarded to Concordia Student Athletes, with two recipients from Concordia’s athletic teams.
_At least 2 (two) bursaries will be awarded to Student with Disabilities as recognized by the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities of Concordia University.
_At least 2 (two) bursaries will be awarded to Canadian out of Province students.
_At least 2 (two) bursaries will be awarded to students who have made an Outstanding Contribution to Student Life.
Important notice: Note that due to conflict of interest, the following members are deemed ineligible candidates: Councilors, Executives, members of the Judicial Board, Council Chair and Council Minute-Keeper.

The current application form is marked out of date, but will be accepted until the newer form is uploaded.

Link to application form: https://csu.qc.ca/sites/default/files/B ... 2017.pdf
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the academic and advocacy coordinator at: academic@csu.qc.ca

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