• Without a doubt, Montreal has the best nightlife in Canada (I’m saying this as a Toronto native, don’t @ me). But the city’s daylife is chalk-filled with some must-sees. Here are some of my top picks:

      Winter Festivals


      Hosting over 45 festivals each year, Montreal knows how to throw a party. While the spring, summer and fall festivals get a lot of attention, if you’re unfortunate enough to be here during winter, don’t miss out on Igloofest and Montréal En Lumiére.

      Igloofest promises the uniquely Canadian experience of partying with international DJs outdoors in the winter. Complete with 80s ski-hill glam, ice bars and open fire pits, Igloofest is a unique experience and a right-of-passage for Montreal transplants.

      Montréal En Lumiére (Feb 22nd – March 4th, 2018) is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, with activities for concert-goers, preforming arts-lovers and foodies alike. If you only go out one night, make it Nuit Blanche; an evening packed with hundreds of events and art installations with free all-night public transport!

      Boulevard Saint-Laurent


      While Saint-Laurent is undeniably a nightlife hub (and mecca of late night eats), it also boasts some of the city’s greatest street art, vintage/oddity shops, secondhand bookstores and unique boutiques. And you can expect several block parties come summer!

      Old Port


      Been avoiding the overly touristy Old Port? Don’t play yourself, it lives up to the hype. Although some of its attractions can seem a bit cheesy, there’s still a ton of awesome things to do and see all year round.

      While St. Paul is home to some of the city’s best bistros, cafes and steakhouses, Quai Jacques-Cartier hosts several outdoor events throughout the year. This is where you can catch a famed Cirque du Soleil show, festivals like Igloofest, or large concerts. Old Port even has a beach in the summer and outdoor skating in the winter. Still not convinced? Where else can you go Segway-ing through 400-year-old cobblestone streets?



      Not hosted by any organization or community group, the Tam-Tams is an informal (and FREE) gathering every Sunday from spring through autumn near the George-Étienne Cartier Monument in Mount Royal Park.

      You’ll probably hear and smell the Tam-Tams before you see it, as the drum circles and copious amounts of cannabis smoking are what helped make the event famous. The Tam-Tams attracts people from all walks of life, and is the perfect place to have a picnic, drink some wine and people-watch (my personal favourite pastime).

      Happy exploring!